Louise Bataille

Show off the business you have built

Wherever your company is on its journey, you deserve a branding, a website, and collaterals that you can showcase happily. 

I am are here to make it happen and help you take your business to the next level.

There is no cookie cutter solution as we like to investigate and find the best solution for every business, however here is an exemple of what the offer can contain 


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Branding is essential and it is much more than just having a logo for your business. Your branding is your identity, it is the solid foundation that will inspire and captivate your audience.

The branding package will include everything you need to start off on the right track. 

  • Logo
  • Pattern
  • Fonts selection
  • Stock image
  • Submarks
  • Illustrations
  • Collaterals
  • Mood board


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Outstanding design, responsive website, everything you need to stand out from competitors, win over your clients, and sent the right message.

  • Website strategy
  • Design & developpement
  • E-commerce
  • WordPress
  • Responsive website


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Having a coherence between your website and your social media, as well as your collaterals can make an outstanding impact. We are specialized on these subjects and will help you gain time, and become unforgettable.

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media template
  • Media kit
  • Newsletter

Hello! I am Louise Bataille. I am a coffee lover from belgium passionate about creativity. I design brand and website for amazing people while traveling and exploring whatever incredible city on my list. I strive to create kick ass brand and help people find their voice. You should feel good enough.

Louise Bataille

Graphic and website designer, digital communication

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