Louise Bataille

Est-ce que l’herbe est plus verte ailleurs?

I think that sometimes you have to allow yourself to dream.

Are we the crazy one? Those whose distant destinations make everyone dreams? Or are we the example you shouldn’t follow, the exemple of people who find themselves without anything 10 years later, with only their eyes to cry?
It did not look like that earlier, when I sat down on the beach, with tears in my eyes, amazed by the beauty of the world. From the moon that reflected on the waves. From the Mediterranean Sea and boats in the distance, which are on their way to other beautiful landscapes.

I think it takes little to be happy. But I also think that people tend to misunderstand this sentence.

Listen to yourself

If your mind is pushing you, everyday ,toward a certain path, a particular passion, a desire of freedom, then it is there that you will find the simplicity. The simplicity can be just living near the sea, and drinking coffee while watching the planes land. It can be just working, in a coffee shop across the world, illustrator open on your computer.

It take little to be happy, But if you associates this quote it with “the grass is not greener elsewhere”, then maybe you react to the barriers that we were confronted with, unconsciously or not. “It takes little to be happy” does not mean that you have to accept your situation and blame yourself for not being able to be content with it. It’s up to you to find your “little”. I’ve already found myself depressed because I could not settle for my life, feeling guilty for having dreams while others do not have as many chances that me. Because of this stupid phrase we’ve been taught forever: “Be realistic

Having a goal and avoid regrets

But six months ago, I decided to stop complaining and really try to follow my dreams, do what I always wanted to do and stop asking myself questions.
And here I am, I finally left to live in Barcelona, ​​I started working to launch my Webdesign company and become Digital Nomad, to travel all over the world while working in my passion, and we will see where all this will take us.

You owe it to yourself to leave if that’s what you want. You need to finally work to achieve your dreams. We always regret the things we did not do, more than the things we did. Traveling brings us so much, so many experiences, so many different flavors, so many ideas and this addictive sensation of freedom.

I just think you should go for it !


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