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Do you feel like your business deserves better?

Your brand is the promise you give to your audience. It is the first impression in which you can show what can be expected from your business, it shows what is different about you. It is a mix of who you are and who you want to be and at the same time it becomes how people perceive you.

Don’t let a bad branding impact your business for the worst. Let me help you get where you want to be.

Make your first impression an unforgettable one


Branding is essential… and it is much more than just having a logo for your business. My branding package will include everything you need to start off on the right track with your brand. Each business is different in what kind of collateral it may need, so each package is specifically curated for you and your business.

A good branding :

  • Capture your personality
  • Send a clear message
  • Captivate the right audience
  • Is attractive; cohesive and professional
  • Is a reflexion of your core value
  • Fit your specific niche
  • Stand out and is eye-catching
  • Bring clarity on positioning

Brand strategy and design

Branding is essential for giving experience. It is much more than just a logo and some colors. In my branding package, you will get everything you need to start. I know that every business is unique and so my offering is too. My package includes everything below but is of course personalizable. 

Complete branding :

  • Logo
  • Submark
  • Mood board
  • Color scheme
  • Design elements
  • Pattern
  • Font recommendation
  • Brand guidelines
  • Photo stock

Includes :

  • Business card (files)

Timeline :

  • 2-3 weeks

Why branding is important:

It creates trust between customers and the company. Branding makes it possible to present your business with a professional image and showcase your products and services, which will increase their perceived quality and the confidence customers have in your company.

 A product or service is always an answer to a problem that arises for customers. When customers find themselves in a situation where they are looking for a solution, good branding will make it possible for your business to come directly to their mind because it was made to create an outstanding impact. With good and consistent branding, they will also be able to recognize your brand at a glance. Good branding makes you unforgettable. 

The importance of a good branding is also to reach the right target. We all know that in business we can’t be everything to everyone, that is why we have a target audience. An audience to which we can give everything they need because we get them and they get us. That is because of that that a consistency must be applied on everything related to your company : marketing materials, social media, business card, website and so on. Everything should portray your unique voice. This will get you brand to connect with the right customer.


Get to know our process.


A strong fondation

Our first meeting. It will be the time where I ask every questions I have about you, your company, your taste and your need. It is Brand Strategy time.



My favorite step!  This part is when the magic happen! I take the time to set the foundation of everything, to study everything about your market, your target and so on. 


Purposeful brand design

It’s time for the creation of the complete visual identity. It is almost time to go get some bubly and celebrate. 



Finaly I finish the process by sending you every colateral you need. It may be launch day.. Time to pop that bubbly!

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