Louise Bataille

Start with a boom

Ever felt like your business deserved better? Do you wish to look more professional and have the impression that your website doesn’t do you justice? It can be frustrating to put all of you energy into something and not see the result . But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

I aim to help you get the website of your dream : a website that capture your personality, that is a reflexion of your core value and that inspire the right audience. Let’s chat!

Louise bataille Design

I want you to stand out !

My mission is to help amazing people show their best selves, attract more meaningful clients and make an outstanding impact on them. I aim to help business owner get more confidence. Your website shouldn’t hold you down, it should inspire people. I am here to make that a reality. 

Do you want a memorable brand design beautiful website and everything that goes with it? I know that every business is different and shouldn’t have a cookie cutter solution. 

I work with you to find exactly what you need





Wherever you and your company are on your journey, you deserve a branding, a website, and collaterals that you can showcase happily. We are here to make it happen. 


I would gladly ask you to trust me, but I think I would rather you deciding for yourself, which is why I invite you to check our portfolio and see how we helped clients and created the website of their dreams.


If you are interested in tips, ressources and testimony about design, digital nomad life and website development, check out my take on the adventure.

Hello! I am Louise Bataille. I am a coffee lover from belgium passionate about creativity. I design brand and website for amazing people while traveling and exploring whatever incredible city on my list. I strive to create kick ass brand and help people find their voice. You should feel good enough.

Louise Bataille

Graphic and website designer, digital communication

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